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Zador Triple Board

Zador Triple Board

The Zador Triple Board is made up of 3 individual boards placed next to each other to create a regulation sized goal with 5 red targets to shoot the ball at. Boards can also be separated and placed around the pool for individual or group training.  This is ideal for scrimmaging when goalies are doing special workouts and the feild players need time to condition.


All boards come in a sleek, standard black design. Custom color options are available upon request.



  • Specifications

    • The Triple Zador Board's dimensions are 144" x 48" x 36" when individual boards are placed side by side
    • Each unit weighs approximately 200 lbs
    • When placed tightly together, the Triple Zador Board is regulation goal size within the black vinyl stripping
    • The frame is made of heavy gauge steel and double powder-coated for rust resistance
    • A high-impact, UV resistant acrylic facing and stainless steel hardware add to this product's exceptional durability
    • The adjuistable design allows this to fit any pool deck
    • The wheel design makes it easy to move around the deck, into the pool, and into storage
    • Attachment screws are countersunk to prevent damage or perforation to your water polo balls
    • Red, vinyl dots give players a target to aim for high and low corners as well as your "donut" shot
    • Durable plastic feet and bumpers prevent damage to pool decking
    • Heavy duty lower crossbar allows for leverage when tilting board in and out of pool
    • Convenient handle to provide ease of mobility
  • Storage and Product Protection

    • It is reccomended to keep the boards dry after use to minimize rusting. Best practice would be to keep boards in a enclosed storage when not in use. 
    • Keeping the boards out of constant sunlight will prevent fading.
    • Please lubricate leveling bolts regularly to ensure rusting does not occur.
    • If you have a tile pool deck, it is reccomended to use an outdoor mat to protect from any damage.
    • Keep a can of Rust-Oleum handy and spot paint any areas that start to show wear in order to prevent paint deterioration.
  • Important Safety Notes

    1. We suiggest coaches do the moving and setting up of boards when possible.
    2. Two peoploe should always help bring the board in and out of pool position.
    3. Be aware of the deck as many have areas more prone to a slip and fall hazard.
    4. Clear your path of any objects that may obstruct your path to the deck prior to moving the board. 
    5. Make sure all players are taught not to hang off the face of the board when set on edge of the pool deck. 
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